There are 17 km (over ten miles) of shallow, calm and warm beaches along the Island of Atalaia. To the Northern end of the island the Pardo river meets the ocean, next to Albino Beach; and to the South the Patipe river meets the ocean too, next to a traditional fishermen's village.
    Along the Costa Beach there are "cabanas", kiosks and restaurants, also a paradíse for the surfers. There you can enjoy a fresh beverage, together with a snack, always a specialty...
    And when the tide is low, the beach becomes perfect for a pleasant walk or jog, or even an energizing stretch in front of the sea..

    Come see this slice of Paradise...

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Av. Beira-Mar, 1200 - Praia da Costa - Canavieiras - Bahia - (073) 3284-2347