Welcome to Aratama and to Canavieiras.
    Hope you have a happy and pleasant stay, and we want to share with you our enthusiasm for the charming town of Canavieiras. Many of its enchantments are still on their original naive state, and this seems to take us back to a different time frame, when things were more romantic and pure, and time was at a slower pace.
The word ARATAMA comes from a Brazilian Indian name that means "Land of the Birds". The name is very adequate, since many species of birds fly around here, bringing extra joy and color to life
   We are here to offer you and your friends and family a special touch for your vacations. A completely personalized touch and a cozy and pleasant environment. Come and get to know this slice of Paradise...

Celia Regina Brasil, Lauana Bliss Brasil e Wtrain Gomes

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Av. Beira-Mar, 1200 - Praia da Costa - Canavieiras - Bahia - (073) 3284-2347 - info@aratamapousada.com