You can pick among several choices of leisure in Canavieiras, most of them related to Nature, peace, tranquility and rest...
     For instance , a ride on a glider to see from high above the beauties of the area, or a boat trip through the mangroves, to see up close how the communities live, admire the wonders of birds flocking together late afternoon, or take a mudbath.
     If you like fishing, the environment is very proper and it's always great to be able to breathe some fresh air and feel time running slower with Canavieiras as a background.
     A bike ride, or even a walk through the historic sites is always a good idea, since the town is flat and favors those activities.
     And even if your thing is the beach, you can either take a long walk or a jog on flat, calm and near deserted beaches, or some refreshing coconut water in one of the kiosks at the Costa Beach. Come visit Canavieiras...
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Av. Beira-Mar, 1200 - Praia da Costa - Canavieiras - Bahia - (073) 3284-2347 -