Pretty beaches with shallow and warm waters, over 22,000 acres of mangroves spread over a paradise of island formations, and an abundant fauna and flora are the features that stand out the most on this land.
      The town is also rich in History, culture and folklore. It's where they planted the first cocoa tree in the area. The old mansions and colonial buildings are witness to this opulent and glorious past. Not to mention the delicious regional cuisine, which is inspired by the huge variety of seafood available in the area.
      Fishing is a natural vocation of town, be it river fishing for a lot of different species, or even the sophisticated ocean fishing for the blue marlin. Canavieiras is one of the few points in the whole of the Americas where that fish will be available, and the tournaments are around the end of the year.
      But this place is, better than anything, the ideal spot to enjoy enormous peace and tranquility, renew one's energies and forget about the stress and pressure of everyday life. Come and visit Canavieiras, you will like it!

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Av. Beira-Mar, 1200 - Praia da Costa - Canavieiras - Bahia - (073) 3284-2347